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Bob Peterson, one of the great Cadets of the past , wrote these recent notes. Both make me smile. Most remind me how lucky I am to be where I am.

1) To Rudy, the assistant director for the Cadets

2) To Scott, the percussion section leader.

Hi Rudy,
I am late for an appointment but I wanted to thank you so very much for allowing me the privilege of addressing the Corps and singing our hymn last evening. I am completely amazed at the character and quality of the entire organization. These kids are " off the chart special"and that does not come by accident. The entire staff is to be congratulated and applauded for instilling the character and qualities displayed last evening. I have a lot more to share with you but I am late for my appointment. I looked for you last night but I was engaged with the kids until the buses were pulling out. Please let me know the cost of the Gatorade and I will mail a check.

More to come and thanks again,

Good Morning Scott,

There are no words to describe the emotions running through my body at this time. We only had a few hours together last evening due to some logistics problems that prohibited the Corps from rehearsing in Mankato. For 3.5 hours I was captivated with the presence of ---without question---- the greatest group of young people I have ever had the privilege of meeting in my life.

Your show was absolutely incredible but even more impressive was the character of the entire organization. I have heard and read about the qualities of the 2010 Cadets but one must live the experience to comprehend the enormity of those qualities.

The drum head you presented to me signed by everyone in the percussion section is something I will treasure for the rest of my life. As if that wasn't enough, I completely lost it when you so graciously presented me your drum sticks. We both know the significant meaning of that gesture. Please thank the entire percussion section for their wonderful display of affection and inclusiveness.

Scott you a one incredible Cadet and I thank you for the privilege to be your friend. Best of luck for the balance of the year. Regardless of placement "Holy Name Shall Always be".

From one old section leader to a great section leader of today.
Thanks so very much,

Bob Peterson
2214 Snowbird Lane
North Mankato,Mn.56003



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